I have gotten massages for the past 35 years from many different therapists and I must say that Tabbi's massage is one of the most relaxing and peaceful massages I have ever had. She has a true feel for exactly how and where to work the body in order to achieve total results. The results are long lasting and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a massage who wants a top quality treatment.
Ed Jones

"Tabbi is truly an intuitive healer. She has an extensive array of knowledge and training that she combines with her intuitive touch. Tabbi has worked with me on many of my structural and stress-related issues and has provided much-needed relief. Tabbi provides a relaxing and serene atmosphere as well as excellent body therapy. I would recommend any and every body to seek Tabbi out for massage therapy."
Susan Bryant

Yong Oh photo
"I've been going to see Tabbi for several years now and can truly say she is a wonderful massage therapist. She is intuitive, attentive, strong, and caring. Her dedication to her practice is clearly evident. Having experienced a range of bodywork modalities and treatments, I can feel she is sensitive to the needs of my body as she works, on both a physical as well as energetic level. Tabbi provides a warm and therapeutic setting. I always feel relaxed and cleansed afterwards and leave with a sense of having done something really good for myself."
Yong Oh

"I have been going to Tabbi for massage therapy for several years. She is certainly amongst the most thoughtful and insightful massage therapists I have worked with over the past two decades. Tabbi crafts each massage around any active musculoskeletal issues I bring to the session, working in an exceptionally focused and thorough fashion. Her general massage- when there are no specific issues at hand--is likewise excellent. I can recommend her enthusiastically and without hesitation to anyone interested in massage. "

B.K., M.D.

Dave Seera Spring Rain Massage testimonial
"Tabbi has a style that can help any muscle with which i have had issues. She has training in many styles of massage which is a differentiator from most therapists. Because she thinks through the physical problem and, with her talent and experience designs stretches and manipulation methods that relaxes the muscle, she gives you a great head start to more mobility. And mobility is the goal."
Dave Seera

"After trying doctors and physical therapists to alleviate back pain, I found Tabbi. She is a generous, caring, and dedicated professional who has full command of her craft. She has the strength necessary to use any technique to get the needed benefit. I am blown away by her ability to massage the deep tissue and relieve my pain."
Rita Bickerstaff

Spring Rain Massage, Ann Law
"Why do I wait until the pain moves on into another area, and then another before seeing Tabbi? Why do I come into Tabbi's massage room with a list of discomforts a mile long? Why do all these things disappear after I have been on her table? She is amazing! So thorough, so reliable, so experienced! My body absorbs her sensitivity and her thoughtfulness. With positive results, I roll off her table, ready to return to life, refreshed! Thanks Tabbi!"
Ann Law

Peggy Sterchi
"Tabbi gives you more than a relaxing massage, although you can get that from her too. If you are having a physical problem, she will give 200% to help you. She is a kind and caring healer."
Peggy Sterchi

"Nearly three years ago my massage therapist moved out of town and I very much needed to find a new massage therapist. I was very fortunate to find out about Tabbi Bilbrey. I could not be more pleased with her! Over the course of my adult life and while living in various places, I had been treated by at least eight massage therapists, most of them, very good. I can't help but compare Tabbi with the others and although I was pleased with most of them, Tabbi is the best! She is skilled in her technique. No two massages are ever the same, but tailored to deal with whatever is a problem at the time. I am delighted to heartily recommend Tabbi."
Esther Hamm

Spring Rain Massage Reviews Scott P.
"I have been a client of Tabbi's for many years. She is a dedicated person who is committed to her client's well-being."
Scott P.

"I have been a patient of Tabbi's for approximately eight years. I first started seeing her because I was having severe pain in my neck and shoulder and I was unable to brush my own hair without pain. I now see Tabbi every two-three weeks. I am free of pain and can move my neck and arms without pain. I would recommend Tabbi's massage skills for anyone considering use of pain medication or surgery for neck/shoulder pain."
S. Brown

"Tabbi has never failed to give me much needed relief from shoulder and neck pain. The relief is long lasting and in my case, usually occurs with the first session. That is a great plus in itself."
Howard Bickerstaff III

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