Before your first session, I’ll ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire concerning your physical history. We will also discuss any present concerns and address any questions you may have.


Each session will begin with a brief discussion regarding your present concerns or any changes that have occurred since your last session. Then I will leave the treatment room, allowing you privacy as you undress (to your level of comfort) and get under the sheets on the table. I will knock before re-entering the room, to ensure that you are ready to begin the session. Your privacy is my utmost concern. You will be draped at all times during the session. Only the area of your body receiving treatment will be uncovered. Your modesty will be respected at all times.


Communication can help ensure satisfaction with your bodywork and is welcome throughout the session. I may “check in” with you, regarding pressure and comfort. If at any time you feel discomfort, or that the pressure is too strong or too weak, please let me know so that the work may be adjusted accordingly. Likewise, if any adjustments to the draping, body cushions, face cradle, or room or table temperature are desired, please let me know.


Your health history and bodywork sessions are completely confidential.


Please do not keep your appointment if you have a contagious illness or a contagious skin condition, as it puts me and other clients at risk. Call when you are well to reschedule.


My relationship with clients is strictly professional. Sexual and/or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. In either instance the session will be immediately terminated and full payment will be required.

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