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I provide various bodywork techniques – Deep Tissue, Tui Na, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Thai, and Swedish Massage. These are combined and tailored, based on the condition of each individual, to improve flexibility, relieve pain and stress, and promote vitality.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as other healing traditions, it’s understood that the body’s energy moves through channels (meridians), affecting organs and body systems. When the flow of energy becomes “blocked,” pain or unwanted muscle contractions may result. Massaging along these channels restores the natural flow of energy, encouraging the body to heal naturally. My work also increases circulation, improving the oxygen supply required for muscle relaxation. As tension in the body diminishes, pain and fatigue are relieved.

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I adapt techniques in combination to best address each person’s concerns.

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I have gotten massages for the past 35 years from many different therapists and I must say that Tabbi's massage is one of the most relaxing and peaceful massages I have ever had. She has a true feel for exactly how and where to work the body in order to achieve total results. The results are long lasting and I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a massage who wants a top quality treatment.
Ed Jones

"Tabbi is truly an intuitive healer. She has an extensive array of knowledge and training that she combines with her intuitive touch. Tabbi has worked with me on many of my structural and stress-related issues and has provided much-needed relief. Tabbi provides a relaxing and serene atmosphere as well as excellent body therapy. I would recommend any and every body to seek Tabbi out for massage therapy."
Susan Bryant

Yong Oh photo
"I've been going to see Tabbi for several years now and can truly say she is a wonderful massage therapist. She is intuitive, attentive, strong, and caring. Her dedication to her practice is clearly evident. Having experienced a range of bodywork modalities and treatments, I can feel she is sensitive to the needs of my body as she works, on both a physical as well as energetic level. Tabbi provides a warm and therapeutic setting. I always feel relaxed and cleansed afterwards and leave with a sense of having done something really good for myself."
Yong Oh

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